Thank U, Next City: Tales From The Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour — Boston

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Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour is underway. Here, her ponytail (just go with it) diaries about the experience.
Welcome back. To catch everyone up, I'm Ariana Grande's ponytail and no, I won't be taking questions. I will, however, be taking names if you weren't at Ariana's second Sweetener tour stop on Wednesday night in Boston. All five feet (five feet and three inches, if you include me) of this diva hauled that horseshoe stage (that some of you are saying looks like a toilet seat — please see me after class) 169 miles east to Boston to put on yet another festival of lights, music, and orbs. And this time, 2 Chainz was there.
She and the rapper (and I) collaborated on a remix of "7 Rings," and Ariana also appeared on his track "Rule The World," which they performed live during the concert.
If you guys really want the tea on this, it all happened after the "7 Rings" music video came out and people noticed similarities between the song and 2 Chainz's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music song “Spend It.”
"I want to say it didn't bother me," the rapper told Genius in an interview, later adding, "But in this particular case, I've known her manager for a very fucking long time. You know what I'm saying?"
The two met face to face and ironed things out — Ariana thought it was obviously a nod to 2 Chainz's work, but to make it crystal clear, he hopped on for the remix, and she ended up on "Rule The World."
"Yo, this little girl can sing!" he told Genius, but suspiciously didn't have any compliments for her ponytail when I am literally right here.
Speaking of surprise guests, did you catch Ariana's aforementioned manager Scooter Braun on stage for "God Is A Woman"? Don't worry, there's video.
It wasn't all fun and games. Things did get a bit emosh again during "Goodnight n Go," with Ariana once again having to pause for some tears and letting the audience take over.
While I would never tell, audiences are starting to see that "Goodnight n Go" has a lot more emotional significance than originally thought. We already knew songs like "Ghostin'" are not included in this tour's setlist because of the heaviness of the subject matter, but perhaps (and once again, I cannot confirm or deny) the previously innocuous "Goodnight n Go" is bringing back some certain memories.
In conclusion:

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