Your Guide To Season 3 Of Queer Eye — AKA The Best Season Yet

Since its premiere last January, Queer Eye has continued to evolve — and season 3, which dropped today on Netflix, is proof. Jonathan is almost exclusively wearing heels now, and it is spectacular as it sounds. The Fab Five has a new mascot, a French bulldog named Bruley. Seemingly, Antoni has written an avocado ban into his contract.
But when it comes to the fundamentals, the Queer Eye reboot is just as earnest and uplifting as ever. If anything, the show is at its best this season. The Fab Five's goofy antics reach new levels of ridiculousness, providing an essential contrast to the emotional deep dives that take place throughout this Kansas City, Missouri-set season.
This season's "heroes," as the episode subjects are called, are all bettered by the Fab Five's shower of compliments and self-improvement advice. It's magic. Once the heroes' beards are trimmed and their snazzy outfits donned, it just so happens that they're all extremely attractive.
It begs the question: Are we all hot, and we just need the Fab Five to come activate us? Here's your guide to the eight wonderful episodes of season 3 of Queer Eye — and which episodes need extra tissues.

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