Queer Eye Added A New Cast Member In Season 3 & He's Very Cuddly 

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Smith/Netflix.
The Fab Five became the Fab Six during Queer Eye Season 3 thanks to Bruley the dog. The adorable white french bulldog could often be spotted in the cast's Kansas City loft — usually getting a cuddle from Jonathan or a gourmet snack from Antoni. Jonathan explained in the first episode that Bruley's mom worked down the hall, and she let the Fab Five borrow him from time to time. And while he may not have any lines on the show, he's a total scene stealer.
If you also couldn't get enough of little Bru through the eight Queer Eye episodes, he has an Instagram @BruleyBru. There, you can see even more cute pics of the little pup and smile at his bio, "Just a small dog with lofty dreams" — perhaps a nod to his time spent in the Queer Eye loft? It turns out that Bruley's mom is actually Michelle Silva, a producer on the show. No wonder she doesn't mind that the Fab Five steal her dog all the time.
In February, Silva wished Bru a happy 10th birthday on Instagram. "It’s this little dude’s TENTH birthday today. My love for him grows tenfold everyday. Happy Birthday, Bru," she wrote, adding that he's had some heart trouble of late but is holding steady. That post is just one of many photos of Bruley on Silva's Instagram, but his @BruleyBru handle is what's really all pup all the time.
He may be 10, but he's looking great.
He was obviously an adorable puppy too. Here he is in 2009.
Silva added in another IG post that her pup can play "the cute AF card to get whatever he wants, and it totally works." Now Bruley gets to play that card on the Fab Five, and it nearly always results in a yummy piece of whatever Antoni's cooked up that day. He's getting spoiled on things like homemade ramen, y'all.
In the very first episode of Season 3, Jonathan declared him the new Queer Eye mascot and added, "We just love him so much." It's hard not to love a face like this.
Because Bruley belongs to someone who works on the set, fans can likely look forward to seeing him in future seasons as well. It's like the show knew that no one would be ready to say goodbye to him at the end of eight episodes. Team Bruley for life.

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