The Bachelor Finale Cliffhanger Puts Cassie In A Tough Spot

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Bachelor Colton knows he capital-L loves Cassie, and he's pretty convinced that she feels the same way too — even though she left him and the show in part 1 of The Bachelor finale. Now, he's determined to go after her for a second chance in part 2. But should Cassie even take Colton back on The Bachelor? Things aren't as simple as Colton may want them to be.
As both Tayshia and Hannah G. found out during the finale, loving someone is actually not always enough to make things work. If it was, they'd be with Colton. So for Colton's big second chance plan to work, Cassie needs to feel the same way he does. And… she may not. It takes serious thought to leave The Bachelor, and even though Cassie was confused about how she felt and the timeline of the show, she was sure that she needed to leave. Afterwards, a clip of her packing up showed her saying that she knew she made the right decision and she was looking forward to going home and moving on. Perhaps she really just isn't that into Colton, as Chris Harrison suggested.
But Colton would not be deterred by Harrison's logical line of thinking. "I just want to be with Cassie and I didn’t want to say goodbye to her," he said. "I just want to be loved back the way I love somebody." Colton has been very vocal about how he's experienced rejection in his life (and on the show) and that one of his biggest fears throughout this process was choosing someone who wasn't on the same page as him. He is determined to prove to everyone that he and Cassie will end up together, regardless of the sign she's given him by leaving.
She was clear during her goodbye with Colton that she felt pressured by the timeline of the show, but also by what Colton wanted out of the experience. She said as she packed up that she knew he wanted a wife and a family, and she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. Not wanting to take that away from him, she removed herself from the situation. "I don’t want him to base any decisions off me," she added, while unbeknownst to her, he had already ended the entire show by sending the two other women packing as a final grand gesture to prove his love for Cassie Cassie. "I am going to fight for somebody that I love," he promised, repeatedly.
But what if Cassie doesn't want to be fought for? Admittedly, she did seem to still have feelings for him during her exit and her packing session. She told Colton she loved him when she left, and later added she was going to miss him. .
Now Colton is going to put her in the very tough spot on Tuesday once he reveals that he sent the other girls home, leaving him girlfriend-less, and thus causing the show to come to a screeching holt. It's exactly what she didn't want. Even if he doesn't propose, he's still clearly going to be ask her for some type of commitment. Cassie's feelings shouldn't be ignored in Colton's overzealous attempt to be loved back. Lest he forget, it takes two to be a couple on The Bachelor.
This second chance could be rough to watch.

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