In Dark Phoenix, Sansa Stark Gets The Revenge Movie She Deserves

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Regardless of Sansa Stark's fate on the final season of Game Of Thrones, at least we can be happy that she's (kind of) getting her own damn movie. Actress Sophie Turner, who's brought the eldest Stark sister to life these past eight years, stars as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix, and the newest trailer gives the most in-depth look yet at her character's journey.
Turner first appeared as Jean back in 2016 in X-Men: Apocalypse, but in Dark Phoenix, the character takes center stage as her X-Men family watches her powers grow to the point of corruption. On June 7, they'll have to decide whether or not to stand by the monster they once called family. Kind of sounds like an episode of Game Of Thrones, does it not?
The trailer cuts right through the pleasantries — and appears to confirm a major fan theory.
"Look at me, focus on my voice," Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) says in the opening. "I'm not giving up on you, Jean. You are family, Jean, no matter what..."
"Stop, stop, STOP!" Jean cries, ultimately blasting Raven out of frame. Cut to: a funeral. Specifically, it would seem, Raven's funeral, which was teased back in September prompting to speculate that she was getting killed off. So, though this trailer finally sheds some light, it does makes our love for Sophie Turner that much more complicated.
In the rest of the trailer, the remaining characters must grapple with Jean's uncontrollable and lethal powers, all while she's being groomed by Smith (Jessica Chastain). The movie is sure to pull our hearts in all different directions, but we can't help but take satisfaction in Turner's time in the spotlight. After all, evil Sansa is something we've already prepared ourselves for. Sometimes Turner's villains make her the ultimate hero.
Watch the full trailer below!

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