A Star Is Born Is Returning To Theaters With Even More Footage

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Tell me something, girl — are you ready for even more A Star Is Born? According to Deadline, that's exactly what we're getting when the now Oscar-winning movie heads back to theaters.
Per the report, A Star Is Born will get an "encore" of sorts with extended footage — 12 whole minutes worth. And no, it's not just slightly longer moments of meaningful eye contact between Bradley Cooper's Jackson and Lady Gaga's Ally. (We all saw enough of that at the Oscars. Just kidding, we'll never see enough.)
Warner Bros. is apparently treating fans to extended performances of some of the film's best songs. This includes the opening number, "Black Eyes," and Ally's very first performance of "Shallow" outside the convenience store. (The latter actually makes a ton of sense, considering that Jackson knew way too much of the song to be able to improvise it during his stadium tour.)
Other moments include Ally serenading Jackson during their wedding, Jackson performing "Is That Alright?" in the studio, and the two writing a brand-new song together called "Clover." While we haven't seen this moment on the big screen yet, The Hollywood Reporter has a clip of the pair writing the track. Check it out below:
Now if only this extended footage could include a happier ending, everything would be perfect.

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