Game Of Thrones' Lena Headey Won't Be Shamed For Going Makeup-Free

Photo: Courtesy of Helen Sloane/HBO.
Cersei Lannister's walk of atonement in season 5 is one of the most memorably brutal moments of Game of Thrones so far — as callous and loathsome as the Queen Regent may be, it's undeniably hard to watch her be marched nude through the streets of King's Landing as Septa Unella repeatedly cries, "Shame!"
Actress Lena Headey is no Cersei, but just as her disgraced character eventually got her revenge (and how), Headey just proved she won't stand for being publicly shamed in real life, either. After posting a video from the seat of a plane in which she encourages fans to see her new film Fighting With My Family, one "fan" responded with the most unwarranted of comments: “Don’t record yourself without makeup on again please.” (And while invoking the name of Hodor, no less — how dare they.)
Headey personally called out the troll shortly thereafter, posting a screenshot of the baffling comment alongside an unwavering (and not not Cersei-like) caption: “I shall continue to not wear make up. Go fuck your self.”
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I shall continue to not wear make up. Go fuck your self

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The post has garnered thousands of comments praising Headey's reaction, including one from co-star Emilia Clarke, who wrote, ”preach, beautiful woman.” Gwendoline Christie — a.k.a. Brienne of Tarth — also chimed in to show her support with a series of pink hearts.
You don’t need us to tell you that a woman’s choice to wear makeup or not wear makeup is entirely her own. In fact, the power of social media is in creating new and diverse imagery that traditional media has ignored — whether that’s of bare-faced celebrities on Instagram or differently-abled women on YouTube. It’s up to us to create the multifaceted image of women that we want to see, and we salute Headey for adding to the conversation.
As far as the haters go, GoT fans who have commented on the post are leaving us with the only good piece of advice we've ever gotten from the Lannisters: “A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of sheep."

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