Ma Will Make You Never Want To Go In A Basement Again

Photo: Courtesy of Blumhouse.
Finding a cool place to party is a big deal for teenagers, especially if they're the reckless youths that usually inhabit horror movies. However, for the reckless youths in Blumhouse's upcoming Ma, the party basement of their dreams becomes their worst nightmare — all thanks to the film's titular character.
If Octavia Spencer's onscreen presence usually fills you with comfort (see: generally warm and fuzzy films like Gifted, The Shape of Water, Hidden Figures, Instant Family), you may not suspect that her latest character is completely and utterly bonkers.
In the trailer for the upcoming horror film, Spencer plays "Ma," a woman who is asked to buy a gang of suburban teens some alcohol outside of a liquor store. She says no at first, but then changes her tune — and invites the crew to come party in her basement instead.
Seems like a sweet proposition for the teens (until you remember that she's a total stranger you met outside of a liquor store), but things sour when Ma starts to act, well...a little weird. Sure, she can outdrink 16-year-olds and is pretty chill about the massive parties underneath her home, but when she starts to get a little too close for comfort, the teens get more than a little sketched out. As they should.
Because, again: She's a stranger they met outside of a liquor store who invited them into her home.
Later, it's revealed that this initial encounter with Ma wasn't so random — she went to high school with the parents of the teens she lured into her basement. It also seems that she has a revenge plan of sorts in the works — which involves running over someone in her car, sewing one teen's mouth shut, and setting a house on fire.
"This is the most fun I've had in a long time," says Ma as she sits on the couch with a bunch of (possibly dead?!?) teens.
Fun might not be the word I'd choose, but just try to keep me away from Ma's basement when this movie hits theaters. It's crazy enough to creep us out for years.
Check out the trailer below:
Ma hits theaters May 31.

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