13 Cool & Versatile Spring Haircuts Trending On Instagram

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The key to powering through the final stubborn dregs of winter is keeping yourself busy. Whether that's planning a long weekend in a new city or a date night at the French restaurant down the block, you want to sprinkle your iCal with a few events that'll keep your mind off whatever Mother Nature's throwing your way in early April. And the easiest way to punctuate an otherwise average work week — one that still requires a coat and a scarf for the commute — is to finally call the salon, and book yourself a haircut.
The next step is figuring out what you're going to ask for once you're in the chair. If you're thinking something fresh and fun, very low-maintenance, and on-trend for spring — we've got you covered. Ahead, we've rounded up four breakout haircut trends we're seeing this season. Scroll through to find (then screenshot) the look you love, and start counting down the days until your appointment.
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
Wispy Bangs

While we've seen the bang trend get a little pick up, the long, wispy bang, reminiscent of the iconic Brigitte Bardot look (also signature to Alexa Chung and Dakota Johnson) is on the rise. "My clients are barely catching up to this trend, and I foresee more women jumping on the '70s, cool and tousled look for spring," says Salcedo, explaining that the look is focused on the fringe. "Whatever your hair length, ask for bangs that start in the middle of the eyebrows, and softly fall below the cheekbones on both sides of the face," he recommends.
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The fringe pieces should fall in a way that create dimension around the face, whether the hair is parted straight down the middle or with curls falling every which way.
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If you're bored by your straight lob cut, heavy Bardot bangs will give your hair a whole new attitude.
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
Nova Arts stylist Tim Morrison tells us that an eyelash-skimming bang combined with long, internal layers throughout give subtle body to the hair, while removing excess weight. If you're looking to maximize the body of this cut, Morrison recommends flipping your head over while blowdrying, then playing up the bang pieces with a severe side part.
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Feathered Layers

Whether your ends skim your shoulders or you prefer your hair Rapunzel-length, you can spice up your spring trim with dimensional layering around your face. Stylist Francesca DellAquila, who works at NYC's Bumble and Bumble Salon, tells us that she's loving what's called a feathered layering style. "This haircut has so many flattering variations," she explains. If your hair is thin and fine, choppy feathering adds soft body and texture; if your hair is long, the technique can help open up your face ever so subtly, without sacrificing length.
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The feathered layers give movement and a beachy kind of body to a long cut that might otherwise feel flat and heavy.
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Longer layers laddering up to the cheekbones will give your curls the freedom to bounce all around your face.
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
Blunt, A-Line Bob

We've been seeing lots of mid-length cuts lately, but there's something about the bluntness of a jawline chop that feels fresh for spring. "This look isn't layered, but very structured and to the point," says Sal Salcedo, lead stylist at L.A.'s Nova Arts Salon. "Ask your stylist to cut your bob somewhere between the bottom of the ear and below the chin. The idea is to keep it blunt with a slight A-line angle — from the back toward the front. This allows for an even grow out, because the back grows a bit faster."
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
If you're craving body and texture in your blunt cut, Salcedo recommends asking your stylist for invisible internal layers, which you can pull into a deep side part for a shape with fullness.
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
The key to styling this cut is focusing your attention on the ends. If you're looking for a straight, polished effect, Salcedo recommends raking a light finishing cream onto the ends of the hair to give a little weight and separation.
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
Curly Shag

Shaggy haircuts — mid-length and layered with a heavy bang — have been on the rise, and they're only going to get more popular in the coming months. "I'm loving these round, bouncy shag cuts," says Salcedo. "Right now, it's all about the shorter shag with a heavy fringe to give the look a fuller feel. The bigger the curls, the better."
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In styling, Salcedo says the diffuser attachment will become your new best friend. "For bouncier curls, use a curl styling cream on damp hair," he advises. "Then diffuse it until it's dry and full of body."
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Courtesy of Nova Arts Salon
It's vital to play up your natural curls to get the most out of this cut. If your ringlets and waves are falling flat, Salcedo recommends hitting them with texturizing spray or dry shampoo for some extra va-va-voom.

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