What The Super Snow Moon Means For You

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From the "bomb cyclone" to the "polar vortex," it seems like there are infinite ways to name and typify the cold winter weather and depressing vibe that permeates February. Such is the case with the "super snow moon," which is the name of tonight's supermoon.
The term "snow moon" is meant to represent February, because it's often the month of the year with the most snowfall, says Mickie Mueller, author of The Voice of the Trees. Sometimes it's also called the "ice moon" or the "bone moon" in homage to the bleak winter season. "We have made it past the shortest night of the year of the Winter Solstice at this point," she says. "There are still many cold days ahead, but take comfort in knowing that the snow and ice will soon melt."
The "super snow moon" is the second supermoon of the year, but it's set to be the most epic, Mueller says. During a supermoon, the moon is closer than usual to the earth, making it appear larger and brighter. Compared to the other three supermoons this year, the super snow moon will be the closest, and therefore the biggest, she says. The next one won't be until March 21.
As with other supermoons, you may notice your emotions and intuition heightened to an exaggerated degree, due to how close the moon is to earth, Mueller says. This particular supermoon is an opportunity to put an extra boost of power behind your intentions: "The snow moon is known for its energies of cleansing, healing the spirit, inner strength, and transformation," she says.
If you hope to harness the super snow moon's full potential, Mueller suggests performing some simple rituals for healing, hope, or transformation. You can light a white or silver candle and visualize the moon's energy, charge a crystal under the moonlight, or just write out your intentions and burn them, she says. "Don’t forget to take action in real life knowing that your efforts are blessed by your magical intention," she says.
But if you're looking for a more practical way to observe the super snow moon, your best bet is to head outside at moonrise (or tune into a live stream) because that's when the moon is closest to the horizon line. Technically, the super snow moon reaches peak fullness at 10:54 a.m. EST, but it will still look full on Tuesday night. Depending on where you live, the super snow moon could coincide with some actual snow flurries, for a truly magical winter's night.

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