Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Answer If Kylie Is Married Or Not

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UPDATE: More fuel has been added to the fire. Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner both made appearances ahead of the release of the trailer for season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and both had to field questions about little sister Kylie's relationship status — and mom-to-be status.
To Ellen DeGeneres, Kendall claimed that she doesn't *think* Kylie's married, but she knows that Kylie and Travis Scott are "practicing" for another baby. Okay...
Meanwhile, on the other coast, Kim maintains that she would know if Kylie was married or not, and she doesn't think she is, but her sly grin throughout her response says otherwise. Kylie's been notoriously private about certain aspects of her life, and she isn't making the rounds to promote the new season like her sisters. Is she waiting to make a big reveal on her own time, like with Stormi? Probably.
So, the big update is: No one, not even her family, knows for sure if that huge ring on her finger is an engagement ring, or a statement piece to drive us all crazy.
This story was originally published February 3.
It’s been almost two years since these two were spotted together for the first time, but it’s like a lifetime has passed since then. After all, their daughter, Stormi, is already a year old, and the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott marriage rumors have been everywhere. In fact, at this point, everyone seems to think that Scott will propose to Jenner at the 2019 Super Bowl on Sunday. So are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner getting married, or is this another false alarm?
Obviously, no one knows for sure what Scott’s game plan is at this point, but it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing in the world if he popped the question at the biggest sporting event of the year. After all, Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for their little family; last year, it was the day they announced Stormi’s birth to the world.
And recently, Scott has talked about the fact that he does want to marry Jenner — he’s just waiting for the perfect time to ask. In December, he told Rolling Stone that he wanted to propose to her in a “fire way.”
“We’ll get married soon. I just gotta sturdy up — I gotta propose in a fire way,” he said.
Honestly, what way would be more fire than asking Jenner to marry him during his halftime performance... during the same near-holiday on which the birth of their daughter was announced? It would definitely be hard to top.
Combine that comment with the fact that Jenner and Scott have been referring to each other as husband and wife for months (thus sparking all kinds of other rumors), and it’s really starting to seem possible that a proposal is coming — if not at the Super Bowl, then soon.
According to TMZ, in November, he called Jenner his “beautiful wife” when thanking her during his Astroworld concert, and in January, Jenner captioned one of her Instagram photos with the Spanish phrase “extraño a mi esposo,” which translates to “I miss my husband.” Suspicious!
Of course, if the family is in on Scott’s plans (that may or may not exist), they’re not talking. Just a week ago, Kris Jenner told Australian radio show The Kyle & Jackie O Show that there were no wedding plans that she knew of. Is she being coy, or is there really nothing going on here?

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