Why Didn't Bradley Cooper Take Irina Shayk To The SAG Awards?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Bradley Cooper has worked for this moment. His movie/baby, A Star Is Born, is racking up nominations from awards shows left and right. At the 2019 SAG Awards, A Star Is Born is up for four acting awards, including Best Male Actor in a Leading Role. There will be more than a hundred people in the room, and everyone will believe in him.
However, Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, won't be one of them. Shayk has a thriving career of her own. Per her Instagram, Shayk is currently in Russia on a modeling gig with Sephora and Marc Jacobs, and won't be attending the SAG Awards.
Instead, Cooper will bring his mother, Gloria Campano, as his plus-one. Cooper is extremely close to his mother. After Cooper's father died in 2011, he moved back in with his mom and lived with her for years.
Cooper and Shayk, who have a daughter together, have been on different schedules lately. While Cooper was performing "Shallow" with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas, Shayk was in Paris for couture week.
Likely, though, Shayk will attend the rest of the major award shows with her boyfriend. She and Cooper had a bit of a fashion moment at this past Golden Globes — Cooper wore an all-white tux; Shayk wore a beaded dress. Though the couple is notoriously private, they also shared some minor PDA.
We expect the couple to out-do the look, and maybe the PDA, at the Academy Awards.

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