Adam Selman, A Designer-Favorite Of Rihanna, Is Venturing Into Sportswear

There's really no one quite like Adam Selman. And we're not just saying that. He's pals with Rihanna and Amy Sedaris, has designed for everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, competed in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, and his collaboration with Le Specs transformed the accessory brand's entire business. He embodies his eclectic creations — and that's why the industry is so charmed by him. But it's Selman's next venture that's going to make him a household name. Launching today on Net-A-Porter, Selman is introducing ASS: Adam Selman Sportswear.
The line, which is almost entirely sustainable, sees Selman pivoting completely to athletic-wear and athleisure. That's right: The designer will no longer produce his eponymous ready-to-wear label and is throwing himself into the sportswear arena. But why leave his namesake brand behind? "Adam Selman has always had a sporty approach and attitude. The concept of buying 'sets' and uniform dressing has been a core belief [of] the brand. I really wanted to expand and offer a new category," he tells Refinery29. "It was time to push and challenge the system and the way we fit into it. It allowed us to take steps towards becoming more sustainable, be more size inclusive, and offer some unisex pieces as well on top of growing the business."
And it's moderately priced, too — most of the line retails for under $200, which is a good thing for those of us who are balling on a budget. Across 35 styles, which include new versions of Selman's iconic Le Specs lenses, the quirky attitude we've come to love him for is out in full force. Think: leopard print leggings, neon tops, '80s-inspired sweatshirts, and even a party dress. (Yes, a Paris Hilton-style mini-dress you can work out in.) "A crystal mini-dress is deep in the Adam Selman DNA. Our tribute to Paris happened last year with the 'Bottom of My Heart Dress'; Paris is an icon. For ASS, I really was inspired by American sportswear through different eras — and I think leopard print is so classic that it fit right in. Remember when Peggy Bundy worked out in that leopard onesie [on Married With Children]? Another icon..." Do we ever!
But perhaps the best part about Selman's sportswear offering is that it's ethically produced, which can't be said for the majority of workout gear — let alone fashion brands, in general — in the market. "We started developing the line with sustainable efforts from the beginning," he explains. "We knew we wanted to develop biodegradable packaging and recycled shipping supplies. We found recycled nylon spandex for the core fabric we are using, and investigated different print techniques for our labels and hangtags using less toxic printing and water-based finishes." Selman knows he has even further to go, but the fact that he wants to push himself to be even more conscious is what separates (his) ASS from the rest.
"I am appalled that larger companies don’t advocate for this, especially when it’s available and the costs are marginal," he continues. "I don’t think it’s the selling point of the product, but certainly was important to me with the collection, I want to continue to evolve and improve the sustainability of the products as my ASS gets bigger." See what we mean? Just charming. Check out the first drop of Adam Selman sportswear in the slideshow ahead.

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