Bachelor Fans Are Extremely Divided Over Demi's Episode Two Antics

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Week 2 of The Bachelor started off without too many problems, that is, until the first group date. Once the date got rolling, it didn't take long for fans on Twitter to get vocal about Demi Burnett. Within minutes of the date segment starting, Demi kissed the Bachelor, Colton in front of the other contestants and sparked tension among the women — and among viewers.
For the group date, Colton picked a group of eight women to come to join him, including Demi. The 23-year-old interior designer from Texas made quite the impression on the premiere, rolling in on an ATV. She’s also taken a very bold approach to her relationship with Colton, from saying she hasn’t dated a virgin since she was 12 years old, to saying Colton needs a woman who can take control.
The activity for the group date was explained by beloved comedy actors, and couple goals personified, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, who have been together for a whopping 18 years and who are very vocal about the intimate side of their relationship (Summer of 69, anyone?). Their task for the women was to tell stories of their “firsts,” a.k.a. the first time they ever did a given activity, whether it was something NSFW or something a bit more vague. After Catherine and Onyeka had a bit of heated exchange, Demi raised the stakes — naturally.
She went above and beyond, convinced that no one would have a story like hers — and she was sort of right. As Demi was telling her story — about the first time she went after a guy at a party — she unabashedly went for a surprise kiss: She jumped off the stage, in front of 200 people, and planted one on the Bachelor. Not only is kissing the Bachelor in front of your fellow contestants a major faux pas, but none of the other contestants added that level of performative elements to their tales. She ended the group date by touching the rose before Colton handed it out (another time-honored Bachelor faux pas) and ruffled even more feathers than her previous surprise lip-lock.
Naturally, fans on Twitter had very conflicting of opinions about Demi’s antics (especially considering she raised the stakes with a robe stunt before episode's end), but there seemed to be a semi-consensus was that Demi was out of line with the public kiss.
Of course, there were others who stood by her, in total admiration of her confidence.
But it didn't end there. Later in the episode, Demi interrupted fellow contestant Tracy's personal conversation with Colton right before the rose ceremony, leaving Tracy in tears — to top it all off, she did this while in a robe. “The cougar attacks don’t bother me at all,” Demi said, referring to contestants who are older than her (rude), in the confessional after one of the women insinuated she should feel bad. The other contestants took issue with her decision to wear a robe, since a lot of them thought it was way too forward and suggestive. (Spoiler: She just had a gown under the scandal-starter, but that didn't stop the other women from speculating.) Fully robed up, Demi took Colton to her “Fantasy Closet,” which had people worried things were getting steamy up there. And while the women were quite upset over her cocktail party moves, fans actually seemed to dig them.
After a night of mixed emotions and conflicting fan reactions, both Demi and Tracy got roses in the end, which will make for a very interesting season if they continue to butt heads (and if this season is like every season before it, they will). And judging from how quickly fans are jumping on the Demi-is-a-villain bandwagon (not to mention all those who are practically cheering on her actions), the show's producers seem to be setting up the very real possibility that this isn't the last time Demi will be all we can talk about.

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