Meet Colton's "Cougars," AKA The 6 Women Over 27 On The Bachelor

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
Breaking news: If you are 27, you are officially old — at least by Bachelor standards. While the last season of The Bachelor starring Arie Luyendyk Jr (who just got married to Lauren Burnham, by the way) was up in arms about contestant Bekah Martinez being only 22, they've done a complete 180 this season and have the six women 27 and older feeling isolated from the rest of the group — almost literally.
If you go through this season's contestants, an overwhelming number are between 23-26, and in an exclusive clip released by People ahead of tonight's episode, 31-year-old Elyse explained how the six over-27s have been coping.
“We have the cougar den," the makeup artist confessed when Colton brought up the subject of their age difference. "Colton’s cougars! All the 27 and ups are [staying] in the same room."
“Oh really?" he replied. "What room is that?”
“We’ll put a sign up for you,” she joked, but she was definitely serious about the first part. Aside from Elyse, the "cougars" include Sydney (27), Nina (30), Tayshia (28), Angelique (28), and Tracy (31).
Luckily, it sounds like the women have a good sense of humor about the age difference — which, by the way, they should, because 27 or 31 is not old. This is just further proof that the Bachelor mansion really is an alternate universe. No one should ever feel they have to retire from finding love, even if it is with a 26-year-old.
Watch the clip below.

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