Bachelor Star Catherine Agro's Instagram Raises A Few Questions

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It’s hard to make a huge impression on viewers on the first night of The Bachelor, but Catherine Agro did just that when she interrupted Colton Underwood’s conversations with other women a whopping four times. But other than potentially being branded as the villain of the season, she’s kind of hard to get a read on. So, looking to Bachelor contestant Catherine’s Instagram is a good way to find out more.
Here’s the catch, though: Catherine’s Instagram only dates back to July 2018. According to Us Weekly, Colton’s season started filming in September 2018, so it’s possible Catherine started this account (yes, there was another account) because she was starting to make some reality TV moves. It’s not uncommon for Bachelor and Bachelorette stars take advantage of their time on the shows to build their social media followings, so starting a new account in tandem with the show’s filming cycle would make a lot of sense. After all, she was also savvy enough to start an Instagram account for her dog, Lucy, who appeared on the premiere, on the same day the episode aired. She has a website that seems to be a work-in-progress as well, judging by the fact that there isn’t much on it yet and her main photo is her Bachelor bio picture.
So, what do we know from Catherine’s Instagram? Well, she’s a twin and seems to be close with her twin sister, Alexandra Agro, who was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2013. Alexandra has a much more lengthy Instagram account of her own that has some old pictures of Catherine that are tagged “@catiecarole”. Either there were never any posts on that account or she deleted them all, because it’s totally empty.
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As for Catherine’s current account, @missagro_, her bio lets us know that she attended the University of Florida, is a real estate agent and DJ, and that she’s a Christian. She has a lot of photos of herself in bikinis, including one in the snow — bold move, Cath. She also has some pictures from Burning Man; a photo of herself with some sloths in which she jokes about Alex Dillon, the contestant who dressed as a sloth on night one; and this pic of her in chaps with an inspirational caption.
But unfortunately, that’s about it. Even after looking at her Instagram, Catherine is still sort of an enigma. Considering that her actions on The Bachelor are causing fans to peg her as a potential villain, it’s easy to want her off the show as soon as possible, but I offer this consolation: The longer she stays on the show, the closer we’ll get to finding out what her deal really is.

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