All The Celebrities Calling Out The 2019 Super Bowl

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On February 3, 2019, two football teams will go head to head at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The Super Bowl isn't called the Big Game for nothing: it's a cultural event capable of planting even the most sports-eschewing human in front of the TV.
It's not just for the sports: this year, it will be Maroon 5 who takes the stage during halftime, a performance that will be one of the most-watched of the year. But not all of Maroon 5 peers will be watching the spectacle.
Many stars are sitting the Super Bowl out in protest of the treatment of NFL player and activist Colin Kaepernick.
The Nike spokesperson and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback made headlines in 2016 when he took a knee during the national anthem in protest of the slaying of unarmed Black men by police. While many praised the athlete for speaking out, others — including Donald Trump — criticized Kaepernick's choice of peaceful protest, and in May of 2018, the NFL declared that standing during the anthem an official policy.
In 2017, Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers, and became a free agent. After he was not signed by another NFL team, Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL, claiming that they colluded to keep him out of the league following his activism.
Hollywood stars are on his side, and won't be watching the Big Game because of it. Click through to read about who won't be cheering for either team this February.
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Amy Schumer

In October of 2018, the I Feel Pretty actress declared on Instagram that she would not appear in any advertisements for the Super Bowl due to their stance on players kneeling during the anthem.

She wrote:

"I know opposing the nfl is like opposing the nra. Very tough, but don't you want to be proud of how you're living? Stand up for your brothers and sisters of color."

The comedian also called upon Maroon 5 to back out of the performance in solidarity.
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According to a 2017 report from The Los Angeles Times, Jay-Z turned down performing at the Super Bowl to support Kaepernick. Recently, reports claim that the music mogul wants Travis Scott — who will take the stage alongside Maroon 5 — to also decline the invitation.
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According to a report from Rolling Stone, Rihanna turned down performing at the Super Bowl in order to stand with Kaepernick.
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Cardi B

Ahead of the Super Bowl, Cardi B confirmed to the Associated Press that she had been offered the halftime performance and turned it down in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, abeit with "mixed feelings."

“I got to sacrifice a lot of money to perform. But there’s a man who sacrificed his job for us, so we got to stand behind him," Cardi B said.

In February of 2018, Cardi B told TMZ that she wouldn't perform at the Super Bowl until Kaepernick was hired back. This echoes the support that she showed the player at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, where she told the crowd: "Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel for us, we're going to stand for you."

Though Cardi B won't perform at the Super Bowl, she is featured in a Pepsi ad that will play during the game.
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Radio deejay and MTV host Nessa Diab has been Kaepernick's partner since 2015. She called out the media on Twitter when a source alleged that Scott and the football player "mutually respect" one another's opinions after the Astroworld mogul talked to Kaepernik about performing at the Super Bowl.

Nessa wrote:

"There is NO mutual respect and there is NO understanding for anyone working against @Kaepernick7 PERIOD. #stoplying"
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Jameela Jamil

The Good Place actress took to Twitter to express her support of Rihanna for turning down the Super Bowl.

"What a Powerhouse," the TV star wrote. "Rihanna’s grown into such an important voice for women, for people of colour and for body positivity. Turning down a $2M dollar cheque and all that publicity and the records and clothes and make up she would have sold off the back of God-Level Boss.
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Meek Mill

When Mill learned that rapper Scott would perform on game day as well, he had two words and four question marks: "For what????"
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Ava DuVernay

The film director expressed her support for Colin Kaepernick on Twitter and said she will not be "a spectator, viewer or supporter" of the Super Bowl in protest of the NFL's "racist treatment" of the former 49er. "To watch the game is to compromise my beliefs. It’s not worth it," she wrote with the hashtag #ImWithKap.

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