Jimmy Fallon & Lindsay Lohan Gave Bird Box A Mykonos Twist

Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan just gave fans the most up close and personal look at the monsters from Bird Box yet. While the movie's special effects makeup designer, Andy Bergholtz, previously shared some mock-ups of the mysterious being, turns out the creature might actually hail from Mykonos. At least, that's what we learned when Lohan appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to parody the viral Netflix film, and to promote her new reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.
That parody begins the same way as the film itself, with Fallon explaining, with the same frantic urgency as Sandra Bullock, that The Roots and Steve Higgins cannot take off their blindfolds. They must listen to everything he says, and with that, they embark into the halls of NBC.
Luckily, they don't have far to go before they're safe in a dressing room, but it's a trap. Lindsay Lohan is waiting for them, and she's doing her signature dance moves that went viral back in September.
"Try not to look! It's worse than I thought!" the men yell, shielding their eyes as Lohan dances on a loop. However, this doesn't discourage to the club owner. Lohan uses the power of her dance moves to entice the gang into joining her.
"It's just like I'm in Mykonos!" Higgins cries.
Questlove, however, is not convinced. As Fallon, Higgins, and Black Thought all fall into line and perform Lohan's meme-able dance, he puts his blindfold back on and heads back out into the halls. Some monsters are just too scary.
Watch the parody below, and check out Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club when it premieres January 8 on MTV.

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