A Few Questions About Justin Bieber's "House Of Drew" Clothing Line

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House of Drew is Bieber's foray into the world of (couture? satirical?) clothing, and after noticing that he debuted his first "for purchase" item this week, it has left me somewhat baffled. I didn't want to spend my Christmas tweeting about how ugly the jewelry is, or how cheap the slippers he gifted his wife, Hailey, look. But I did, for journalism.
In case you, too, have been wondering what is going on with our favorite grown-up Canadian pop star, I've gathered as many answers as I could about this entrepreneurial experiment (mark my words, this clothing line will not last past 2019 —  no offense), because What Is Going On?
What Is House of Drew?
This is the name of Bieber's clothing line. The brand name was trademarked earlier this year, and Bieber has been sporting "Drew" attire since October. Most of the clothing is yellow, and features either the name "Drew" alone, or a smiley face with the word "Drew" at the mouth.
Cool...who is Drew again?
That is Justin Bieber's middle name. I guess "Justin" and "Bieber" felt too obvious.
Do people know what House of Drew is?
Well there's already a fan account for the clothing line on Instagram because Beliebers never rest, but Google doesn't really know what to do with the vague brand name. If you search "the House of Drew," articles about Drew Scott, one half of Bravo's Property Brothers pops up. There is no mention of Bieber, or the slippers.
Okay the slippers. They look like hotel slippers. They remind me of...
The slippers that Bieber wore for a month straight this past summer? Ding-ding-ding! Correct. Maybe that whole cheap hotel slipper obsession was really just market research for his own custom line of slippers.
But he's selling them, and he's rich, so they must be nice slippers.
No! They are "cheap," the site even says so. The site describes the item as: "new drew house cheap hotel slippers. super soft white slippers with the iconic smiley face design...perfect for drew house guests and anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into something cozy at the end of the day." It is apparently very important that these slippers are labeled to indicate the lack of quality and value they possess.
How much are they?
They are $4.99.
That's it?
They're already sold out.
And it looks like he gave Hailey a pair for Christmas and made her wear promo them.
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Merry Christmas #houseofdrew

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So, it's a clothing line that only sells one pair slippers.
Yes, but it looks like the slippers are just the introduction to a larger lifestyle brand which includes hoodies, t-shirts, and jewelry.
And this is for sure a real thing?
After reading the site's "About Us" page, who knows.

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