15 Last-Minute Tech Stocking Stuffers For Under $50

No one’s expecting you to give them a brand-new TV or surround-sound speaker system for the holidays, right? (Or if so, do you have any friend openings?) But even if you're not the presumed giver of big-ticket items, you can still bestow some great tech gifts upon your friends and family this year.
Tech is such a rewarding category for gifts, even with a budget less than $50. The idea here is that you can give others the kind of fun gadgets and accessories they don't need, but would really enjoy playing with. These don't make people feel like you've got the wrong idea about who they are (the way a misjudged beauty or fashion gift might). At the same time, they don't feel super impersonal like that peach candle. We see absolutely zero fake sing-songy "thank yous" in your future.
Another great reason to give tech this year: the variety — from adorable stocking-stuffer phone accessories for those teenage cousins to a rather useful portable speaker for your partner (because this is the winter you plan to get them to love your musical tastes). Well, no one said gift-giving had to be completely selfless, did they?

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