15 Haircuts The NYC Cool Girls Are Wearing This Winter

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Any Manhattanite will tell you, New York City is sprinkled with hair inspiration — and it hits you when you least expect it — like when you're hustling to snake through a closing subway door and find yourself staring at a girl with a shiny, tousled bob bouncing off the collar of her camel peacoat. And, all of a sudden, you feel the urge to pop out your AirPod and beg for the name of her stylist from across the pole.
If you're currently in the depths of an end-of-year hair rut — you want something new, but can't figure out whether that's curtain bangs or soft layers — look to the most popular hair trends hitting NYC this winter to find the exact cut that speaks to your hair length, texture, and 2019 aesthetic.
Ahead, we've gathered fifteen examples of It-girl cuts, plus tips from top NYC stylists on what to ask for and how to style the look. Bring this visual guide to your next appointment, and you'll be ripped out of a hair rut faster than you can say "hold the door."
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'70s Shaggy Lob

NYC girls are leaning into the modern shag cut because it is universally flattering. L’Oréal Professional stylist Drew Schaefering tells us that the most important element of the cut is the careful attention to the shape it creates around the face. "I am seeing more women embracing this bold shape, cutting the length from the front and resulting in a strong, round shape," he explains. "The cut should be customized to highlight your best features, the shape of your face, and the natural texture of your hair."
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Mia Emilio, stylist at Devachan Salon in SoHo, tells us that her clients have been asking for collarbone-length cuts that allow them to embrace their curls. "I feel like it’s all about a shaggy look and messy curls this year," Emilio explains. "The more layers you infuse into the cut, the rounder shape you'll create."
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A quick tip for achieving that lived-in texture through fine hair is to use water to refresh the bends. "Keep a spray bottle of water handy to rework dry hair, as opposed to shampooing or getting hair wet every day," Schaefering recommends.
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Here, you can see the way that the shag cut really opens up the face, while the addition of soft curls gives this modern mullet extra dimension.
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Cropped Pixie With Fringe

The pixie cut with a fringe bang is a classic style that we'll see gain major traction in 2019. NYC-based hairstylist Eloise Cheung tells us that these shorter cuts with a heavy bang will be a big trend this winter. "The bangs are important because they frame the face," Cheung explains. "You can also talk to your stylist about adding sliced layers through the top of the hair to give more lift and shape."
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For inspiration on how to style a curly pixie, look no further than model and influencer Nià, who styles her curls in a rounded pixie cut with all the volume built into the top.
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Erikson, a stylist at NYC's Bumble and Bumble Salon, says that if you're looking to go short without sacrificing too much length, make sure you're careful with your terminology. “Ask your stylist for a more ‘grown out’ look when consulting for a pixie cut," he explains. "You want it to look easy and effortless.”
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Mid-Length Cut With Soft Layers

The mid-length chop is the trendiest, low-maintenance haircut to ask for this winter. All the cool girls around New York City — Kaia Gerber included — are showing off a shoulder-length cut with soft layers woven through the front. Gerber's hairstylist, Laura Polko, says that a mid-length cut is going to be a huge trend in the new year. “I’m noticing girls are growing their hair out longer to a fresh mid-length that's easy and fuss-free,” she explains.
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For styling the cut, Polko recommends using a curling wand, like the T3 SinglePass Curling Iron. Divide the hair into small sections, and then wrap each piece around the barrel, leaving ends out to give it an unpolished finish. You can alternate directions of the bends to make the end result a little messier.
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Teddi Cranford, stylist at NYC's White Rose Collective, tells us that soft layers make for a streamlined grow-out process. "If everything is one length and you grow past your shoulders, then you can incorporate purposeful soft layers in the front give an illusion of your hair being a bit longer than it actually is."
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NYC-based hairstylist Henry De La Paz shows how to make a dimensional, mid-length cut look stunning on soft ringlets. Add a long-sleeve, velvet dress in a jewel tone, and you're ready to partyzero accessories required.
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Shoulder-Grazing Lob With Blunt Ends

If you're looking for something a little longer than a bob or pixie but a bit shorter than a cut that's past the shoulders, try a blunt lob that hits right at your collarbone. Stylist Juan Carlos Maciques of NYC's Oscar Blandi Salon tells us the collarbone length is the most versatile cut for winter. "Blunt ends will look incredible on fine, thin, or straight hair," Maciques explains of the finish to the ends. "Choppier or layered ends will usually be more flattering on thick or curly hair at this length."
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With loose barrel curls, a blunt chop that swings just above the shoulder blade appears soft and effortlessly tousled at the same time.
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Here, you can see that the lob length can be cut with some long layers throughout to give natural curls a more purposeful shape.
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There's something quintessentially New York about a windblown lob that falls right at the collar of a leather jacket and held back with a pair of sunglasses.

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