This Pete Davidson Joke Almost Wasn't In "Thank U, Next"

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I can't remember anything that happened in 2018 before Ariana Grande dropped the "Thank U, Next" music video. It's like everything in my brain just picked up and left to make room for new, more important pieces of information like every word the singer writes in the "Burn Book" (renamed the "Thank U, Next" book) and who TF the boy she's brushing her teeth with is. Luckily, the video's director Hannah Lux Davis divulged to Genius's Framework even more details about how the visual came together, including the one comment Grande wrote on ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson's "Thank U, Next" book page that she decided to add at the last minute — and it might just be the most revealing one.
"Obviously what she wrote on the pages was really her idea, we had talked about it right from the get-go what was going to be in it," Davis says in the video. "The only part that came up that was a last-minute addition that we hadn't really talked about was on Pete's page, when she wrote 'sry I dipped.' And that was pretty epic."
Along with "huuuuuuge" and "I love u always," the last note Grande writes on the page of her former fiancé is perhaps the most memorable. It tells us a lot about what happened at the end of their relationship — mainly, that it appears she was the one to call off the engagement — and that they're already at the point where they can at least kind of joke about it.
But the video is not about Davidson. As Davis tells Genius, it's about finding strength after a breakup, and the power of friendship — and she has many more details to spill. Watch the full interview below.

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