The Top Trending Google Diet Searches Of 2018

Photographed by Anna Jay.
From keto to carnivore, fasting to FODMAP, trying to decode what a fad diet really entails is next to impossible. So, when you hear about a trendy new diet, your instinct might be to throw some terms into Google — even though you know you should probably talk to your own doctor or a registered dietitian to figure out if it's right for you.
Today, Google announced its Year In Search, which includes the top trending diet searches of the year. Some of these diets are ones you've definitely heard of before, while others are pretty whacky.
The bottom line to keep in mind is that any structured eating plan or "healthy eating plan" that puts excess stress on daily food choices or demonizes whole food groups is a diet, and can fall into the disordered eating realm. And more importantly, most diets don't work, meaning they don't lead to sustained weight loss. Instead, they tend to do more harm than good, and perpetuate the idea that in order to be healthy you also have to be thin.
At a time when Instagram bloggers are doling out nutrition plans, and Whole30 is ubiquitous, many of us are just trying to make informed decisions about our health. Given that, here we've broken the most popular diets of the year down from least to most popular to exactly what you need to know — and everything you don't.

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