Candace Cameron Bure Has Been Hospitalized Following Go-Kart Incident

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.
Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure has been hospitalized, Us Weekly reports, following an incident with a Go-Kart; Candace Cameron Bure's Instagram story documented the beginning of her hospital stay. Bure refers to the stories — a series of stories, really — as the "Candace Car Chronicles."
"I got into a go-carting accident and my brother ran me over," Bure, sitting in a hospital bed, revealed. She then showed a few photos of her hand, which was purpled and bruised. (It has since been bandaged! Calm down.) It turns out, nothing was broken.
"I'm just really bruised!" Bure added.
"It was my fault completely," her brother Kirk Cameron (of Growing Pains, yes that Kirk Cameron) explained in her Story. "I tried to cut her off and take the lead."
The final slide in Bure's Instagram story is, thankfully, a reminder that her Hallmark film Homegrown Christmas will premiere tomorrow night at 8/7 central. Meanwhile, the next season of Fuller House will arrive on Netflix December 14. It's not the holidays without a few random bruises from a holiday-adjacent family outing!

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