What Venus In Scorpio Means For Your Holiday Love Life

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It's usually hyperbole to call December the "most wonderful time of the year," but, if the recent planetary movements are any indication, this month very well may qualify as "pleasant," if not downright "wonderful." Not only is Mercury retrograde coming to an end this week, but Venus has officially moved into Scorpio, which could mean the start of an intensely romantic and sensual period for all of us.
If that sounds a little familiar to you, it's because Venus paid a brief visit to Scorpio last September. Back then, we anticipated an early and steamy start to cuffing season, thanks to this movement. Now, those same feelings of intimacy and connection will return, only with the warmth of the holiday season further stoking the flames.
It's little wonder why this planet-sign combination is associated with heightened feelings of romance. Venus is, after all, the planet of love and beauty — and Scorpio is a sign that thrives in passionate, loyal partnerships. So, when these forces combine, we're imbued with a renewed sense of romantic intrigue. It isn't enough to just flirt with someone and then carry on with our everyday lives. With Venus in Scorpio, only the deepest, most instant connections, in which sparks fly at a momentary glance, will do.
You can make this sort of celestial energy work for you, regardless of your relationship status. Those who are actively dating may feel a bout of confidence, or even clarity, around who they wish to pursue, while people in the beginning stages of a relationship may feel inspired to share more with their new partners. And long-term couples could suddenly see each other in a whole new light and fall in love all over again.
But, by that same token, some astrologers warn that Venus in Scorpio can be too much of a good thing. On her site Ruby Slipper Astrology, astrologer Nadia Gilchrist writes that lovers may get overly attached, jealous, or a little too honest with each other. Make sure to spend time with your friends, colleagues, and just yourself during this period, to ensure that you and your current flame don't burn each other out. And, if the time is right for a Big Talk with your partner, go with that feeling, but choose your words carefully before getting too deep.
Speaking of not going too deep, all you may feel from this transit is an increased desire to write in your diary and watch Hallmark holiday movies — flights of fancy and showing your inner self some love can absolutely count as "intensely romantic." However Venus in Scorpio makes its way into your life, you can trust that this month will be a little warmer and fuzzier for it.

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