Cuffing Season May Come Early This Year, If Venus Has Its Way

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We normally wait to declare the official start of "cuffing season" until the temps sink below 60 degrees and young lovers' instincts to find a warm partner kick in, but this year could very well be an exception. Now that Venus has officially moved into Scorpio, the urge to cuff may bubble up sooner than expected.
If you've never noticed the effects of a Venus transit before, here's what you need to know: This nearby planet rules how we perceive beauty, how we show affection, and who gets to be the object of our affections. Although we're all born with different preferences in these areas, the sign that Venus happens to be in (and is therefore channeling its energy) can subtly influence us as well. With Venus camped out in Scorpio, the sign of passion, intrigue, and magnetism, our crushes and flings may take a turn for the, er, intense.
We know, we know: Not all Scorpios are slinky, smoldering seducers. Besides, seduction isn't what Venus in Scorpio is all about. If you're not comfortable being ultra direct when flirting or hooking up, don't expect to transform into someone who is just because of this planetary movement. More accurately, you could very easily emulate a bit of Scorpio's signature loyalty during Venus' stay (which will last for roughly the next month and a half).
Water signs that they are, Scorpios feel their feelings very deeply, though their surfaces may appear still. When they connect with someone romantically, they can be extremely devoted — and this is where the increased likelihood of "cuffing" comes in.
As astrologer Annie Heese writes on her site, Cafe Astrology, we're less likely to be satisfied with "superficial" interactions when Venus is in Scorpio — only the most intimate, soul-engulfing bonds will do. That probably sounds dramatic (and there's no denying that this placement can inspire its share of drama), but this shift in perspective can also lead us to pursue people who might not fit our normal "type," but with whom we have crackling chemistry. Venus in Scorpio urges us to follow our instincts in love and dating, not unlike cuffing season.
It just so happens that Venus will move onto flirtatious Libra in November, just in time for what's come to be known as "breakup season." Again, a planet scooting from one sign to another doesn't spell total doom for any relationship you start up while Venus is in Scorpio, but it makes for quite the cosmic coincidence.
So, if you and a casual date have been teetering on the edge of serious, you may find yourselves tipping all the way into deep end in the next month or so. And if you're currently single and wholly uninterested in "cuffing," just sit back and ride this wave of feelings until November (Venus in Scorpio is also a great time to get into reading romance novels).

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