A Guide To Every Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Character You Need To Know

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Amazon Prime Video’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cast is big. It might not be Vanderpump Rules-sized, but it still counts as sprawling. The reason: leading lady Miriam “Midge” Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) has far too many lives. There’s her family life, her romantic life, her B. Altman department store life, and, of course, her secret stand-up career life. Each and everyone one of those facets comes with its own cast of characters.
Some you might even forget even exist, like Midge’s brother Noah Weissman (Will Brill). Noah exists, and he is a very nice sibling!
With Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2 on the horizon, it felt like the right time to break down the full Maisel crew, from the entire Weissman family to Midge's husband Joel Maisel (Michael Zegen) and manager Susie Meyerson (Alex Borstein). Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about this cast, from who they are to where we left off with them during season 1 finale “Thank You And Good Night.”

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