One Tree Hill Is Reuniting For Christmas — So Here's A Quick Refresher

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The most wonderful time of the year? It's any time where our favorite faces from One Tree Hill reunite on the small screen.
Fortunately, that's what they are doing. Key cast members from One Tree Hill will work together again on a passion project that anyone who plans to park themselves on the couch over Christmas break can get behind.
Lifetime movie The Christmas Contract will bring the former OTH co-stars together for a holiday-set romantic comedy. It features all the things you want in a television movie. There's a woman reeling from a breakup, a cute neighbor who steps up to be her date over Christmas, and, of course, the titular "Christmas contract" which makes sure the formerly mentioned girl and boy never fall in love for real.
Obviously, the boy and girl fall in love for real, which you don't have to actually watch the movie to figure out. Then again, you'll want to watch this one anyway, considering it's the first time since One Tree Hill that many of these stars will exist in the same onscreen universe.
Though the film is set during Christmas time, you won't even have to wait until Thanksgiving to watch it. The Christmas Contract will debut on Lifetime November 22, as part of the network's "It's A Wonderful Lifetime" holiday block.
And, bonus? While there's a One Tree Hill reunion happening on Lifetime, a few other Tree Hill residents are also heading to television this holiday season, for their own celebrations of the Christmas contract.
In celebration of the OTH crew's reunion, here's a refresher on some of our favorite cast members from the small town-set series. Click through to read about the OTH cast members who said "hell, yes!" to reteaming with their old friends over the holidays, whose working on their own thing, and which stars we'll definitely miss seeing over the holidays.

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