A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Is Literally About Meghan Markle

Photo: Courtesy of IMDb.
If you are someone who grew up watching The Princess Diaries, or if you’ve fantasized about gracefully finessing your way into the royal family — or if you cried big, happy tears watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot this Spring — look no further! Netflix has just released the trailer to A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, which looks awfully familiar.
The trailer to A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 film A Christmas Prince, teases the dilemmas Amber (Rose McIver), a middle-class American journalist, is faced with as she prepares to marry her long-term boyfriend, King Richard of Aldovia (Ben Lamb).
The movie picks up exactly “349 days” since Richard proposed. The two lovebirds plan to tie the knot in a cozy, snowy, white Christmas wedding ceremony in Aldovia, the fictional country where Richard is royalty. However, things turn sour when Amber starts doubting her abilities to be queen. It’s like what might have gone down behind-the-scenes as Meghan Markle transitioned into her new role as Duchess of Sussex. Although it seems as if Markle has embraced her royal title and duties with wide, open arms, Amber’s struggle to compromise her values for her queendom feels like a version of what Markle must have gone through.
Not only do we get a sneak peek of Amber’s disastrously fluffy wedding dress, which is no match to Meghan Markle’s iconic ivory silk Givenchy gown and thoughtfully embroidered 16-foot veil (cue Amber’s royal publicist: “Aldovia has traditions, darling”), we also see her storm off in a rage after she is told that she has to stop posting on her blog. “I just always thought that my wedding would be about being with the person I loved, I didn’t realize it meant giving up who I am”, Amber says, in total distress. This isn’t unlike when Markle shut down her motivational blog The Tig a month before her wedding.
And, just when we think things can’t get more frenetic, we also find out that Richard is faced with a political quandary that could potentially ruin not only Christmas (not Christmas!), but also the fate of Aldovia.
My question is: With Aldovia's fate in the balance, what about Genovia, the fake country from The Princess Diaries, and Belgravia, the country from Netflix's upcoming film The Princess Switch? Are they in the lurch, too? (Do they take place in the same universe?)
Watch the full trailer of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding here.

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