How To Not Blow All Of Your Money On Holiday Sales This Season

illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Though the holidays often start off with excitement, the feeling can very quickly morph into financial panic when it comes time to foot the bill. A recent survey by Decluttr found that the average person surveyed will spend $600 on holiday presents this year. What's more, 66 million — approximately one in four — Americans will go into debt this holiday season.
For most millennials, finances are already precarious enough — without even considering buying gifts for everyone we know. And though there are many affordable gifts to buy and other money-saving strategies to try, the allure of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and the countless number of other tempting holiday sales) can make sticking to a budget a challenge.
So, how do you make it through the holiday season without blowing all of your money?
We've put together a list of simple strategies for being smart with your finances this holiday season. From using sales to your advantage to opting out of newsletters, these tips are guaranteed to help you make it through the next few weeks without obliterating your bank account. Read on to learn more.

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