The Best Friends Thanksgiving Quotes To Keep Your Turkey Burning

Thanksgiving is a hard holiday to get right. The food, the company, the setting — there's vast potential for things to go badly. Thankfully, Friends always got it right. The sitcom routinely presented memorable Thanksgiving episodes, from the one with the List — that list — to the one where Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) tries in vain to make a trifle. The friends always celebrate Thanksgiving together, and they do so in typical slapstick style.
This Thanksgiving, as you try in vain to imagine a sillier, more fun holiday afternoon (rife with plot twists!) look to the Friends episodes for hope. And, most importantly, look to them for quotes that can later accompany your Instagram caption. Rachel may not have ever had Instagram, but she would have been damn good at it. So, incidentally, would the rest of the cast of Friends.
Ahead, the best Thanksgiving quotes from Friends to use on your Instagrams — or just in real life when your own words won't cut out.

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