Movie Quotes That Kill It As Selfie Captions

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel.
Whenever I feel pretty or extra fantastic, I take a selfie to memorialize the occasion. To be clear: These photos, which accumulate in the "selfies" folder of my iPhone, are not meant to be seen by anyone but me. They're snapshots of an emotion, a happy place. Sometimes, on a glum Tuesday, I'll scroll through them and nod: "Oh, yeah, that day spent tanning at my friend's friend's beach house really was fantastic," and the Tuesday will feel a bit less glum.
Then, there are the public selfies — those carefully angled, tastefully filtered photos that populate our Instagram feeds. Walt Whitman wrote, "I sing a song to myself." Maybe selfies are how we sing that song now.
Here's to the selfie, in all its forms: the public, the private, the tasteful, the goofy, the cool, the vain. In the spirit of June 21 being National Selfie Day, grab your phone, find your angle, and smile. We've found the best movie quotes to use as a caption, ranging from earnest and inspirational to totally and utterly cheeky, and paired those quotes with iconic celebrity selfies.

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