Movie Quotes So Good You'll Use Them In Real Life

Merie W. Wallace/20th Century Fox/Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock
Imagine if screenwriters wrote our day-to-day dialogue. We could communicate disappointment in concise and cutting sentences. We could inspire classrooms of kids to reach within themselves and activate their potential. We could finally tell our partners how we really felt. Alas, most of us are stuck with dialogue created by our muddled brains, not literary pens.
So, to find memorable dialogue, we go to the movies. On screen, people express themselves in sentences we treasure, remember, and repeat. Some movie quotes are so famous you likely encountered the quote before you saw the movie. Other quotes make you pause the movie and think, “Wow – now that’s a line.” Often, though, the most memorable lines are the ones that make you laugh.
In this round-up, we’ve compiled some of the most iconic, obviously famous movie quotes along with our personal favorites. Slip 'em in the next time you really, really need to express yourself.

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