Everyone From Oprah To Kris Jenner Is Raving About These Workout Sneakers

When both of our make-believe moms, Oprah and Kris Jenner, are hyping up the same pair of workout sneakers, you know that they've got to be legit — and such is the case with these Athletic Propulsion Labs Techbloom Bliss sneakers.
Today, Oprah announced that these shoes are part of her annual "Favorite Things" roundup. And back in September, Kris Jenner posted a video to Instagram showcasing her collection of new APL sneakers, including four pairs of the Techloom Bliss. So, what's so special about these sneakers, and should you get them to match Oprah and Kris, too?
APL is an athletic brand that was launched in 2009 by two former college athletes, who just so happen to be close family friends with the Kardashians. The brand is known for its footwear, which features fabric called "Techloom." Like Nike's FlyKnit and Adidas' PrimeKnit, Techloom is a comfortable knit fabric, but it doesn't stretch as much as other woven shoes. Another thing that sets Techloom apart is that it comes in dozens of trendy colors (like rose gold and millennial yellow) to match your workout gear.
The shoes that Oprah shared today, the APL Techloom Bliss, slip-on and are totally laces-free. According to APL's website, the Techloom upper has a satin elastic band across the arch that stretches and moves with your feet. The Bliss is also the lightest shoe in APL's collection, at just 6.8 oz for a women's size 7.5.
Most of APL's running shoes, including the Bliss, are made with a proprietary foam material called Propelium, which is designed to be cushioned, shock-absorbing, and incredibly light. Some might find that the soles and arches of APL sneakers aren't supportive enough for a high-impact activities like running. Having tried other APL shoes that feature Propelium, I probably wouldn't run outdoors or for a long period of time in these shoes, because there's simply not enough shoe between your foot and the ground. If you usually lift weights, then these could be a good fit because they're so low to the ground, but the foam might make balancing difficult.
That said, the Techloom Bliss would be great for dance cardio, bootcamp-style workouts, or wearing to and from a class. They'd also be clutch if you're traveling and need comfy shoes to slip on and off as you go through security. Given that Kris Kardashian often joins her super-fit daughters for their strength-training workouts, and Oprah is always on-the-go (according to her Instagram), it makes sense that these are their go-to sneakers. But at $200 a pair, you might need "Oprah dollas" to justify the cost.

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