Bella Hadid's Airplane Snack Game Is So Strong Right Now

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images.
Chief among the many foods that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has publicly put-down in the past is airplane food. In fact, the exact words he used when speaking on the subject to Refinery29 in March of 2017 were, "There’s no fucking way I eat on planes." Seeing as he's kind of an expert on the matter of food, we took that opinion to heart and have long approached food on airplanes with caution. Today, though, one celebrity proved that just because food is served on a plane doesn't mean it's inherently gross.
Based on the most recent photo Bella Hadid shared on her Instagram story, if you're famous enough (or perhaps just rich enough), you can stock whatever snacks you want for your air travel. For the flight she's currently aboard, Hadid opted for a nice mix of fast food, bar staples, salty snacks, and candy. In the picture, nestled underneath a large oval window, are three aluminum trays. One is filled with crinkle-cut fries and one is filled with chicken tenders. The third contains another undeniably delicious dish, though it's still up for debate whether said dish is sweet potato fries or crispy chicken strips. But it doesn't stop there.
Besides the three massive trays of hot food sit 11 White Castle boxes. Though the boxes of fast food in addition to the three trays may seem redundant, we've been known to hit up multiple chains to buy our favorite items and create one beautiful Frankenstein-like monster of a meal — in case you're wondering, our ideal meal is a Shack Burger with McDonald's fries and a Frosty from Wendy's. Hadid likely just wanted a side of her favorite sliders with the rest of her food for this plane ride, and we respect that. If we ever get to enjoy our favorite fast food Franken-meal on an airplane, we'll truly know we've made it.
For snacking in between White Castle sliders, chicken tenders, and French fries, the model has plenty of options. On the other side of the food platters, there are around 15 bags of different snacks and candy. In the salty arena, Hadid has a bag of original Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps and a bag of Deep River Kettle Chips. In the way of sweets, she's got both plain M&M's and Peanut M&M's, so she'll be covered no matter what kind of mood her sweet tooth's in. And, to wash it all down, the jet-setter also Dentyne Ice and Altoids stocked in her airplane snack basket.
This airplane spread is a far cry from the contents of Hadid's refrigerator, which is filled with high-end yogurts, expensive cold-pressed juices, and fresh fruits and veggies. That just goes to show that sometimes airplane food can be even more awesome than safely-on-the-ground food. Someone show this photo to Chef Ramsay as evidence that plane food can be done right.

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