This Post From Chrissy Teigen About Airplane Food Is Twitter Gold

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
For some reason, airplane food has long served as material for cliche stand-up jokes. So much so, that if you heard a comedian start a routine with "What's the deal with airplane food?" these days, you'd surely get up and leave. However, if there's anyone who can revitalize this stale gag, it's the funny and adorable Chrissy Teigen. She did just that with one tweet. Yesterday, Teigen tweeted about her love of airplane food and went on to hilariously prove just how serious she was about it. Take a look:
Teigen's desire to devote her life to writing reviews of airplane food may have been kind of a joke, but her followers seem to be in full support of this career venture. Many of them commented with suggestions of which airline they think serve the tastiest food, and even some airlines replied.
Who knew one tweet about would facilitate such a great discussion? Honestly, if anyone can make a living reviewing such a specific genre of food, it's Chrissy Teigen. I mean, she hosts a show called Lip Sync Battle, and people love it. Zagat, give this woman a job.

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