13 Reasons To Spend Black Friday At The Movies

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight.
I see your rabid shopping trip and I raise you: going to the movies! Black Friday, if you want it to be, can be an idyllic oasis amid holiday madness. Typically, the day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be the kickoff to the holiday season, rife with mall shopping, family bonding, and TV watching. But what if it were just about the movies?
When you've done watching The Princess Switch on Netflix and scouring Hulu for more holiday-themed flicks, it may be time to venture outside. Like, say, the movie theater! That paradise where popcorn is plentiful (if expensive) and the seats don't smell of post-Thanksgiving hangovers. The movie theater is also a secret treasure trove this time of year. November is officially the thick of Oscar season, which means the good movies — gewd movies, not just good movies — are all in theaters. There are thrillers, like Steve McQueen's Widows, and family comedies, like Mark Wahlberg's Instant Family. Plus, the feel-good Christmas fare has started to arrive. Unlike the summer season, Thanksgiving at the movies is rich — just as rich as whatever you'll eat on Thursday. So, take a day off! See a movie! Get knowledgeable about the roles that will eventually land an Oscar nomination!
Ahead, all the reasons to spend Black Friday in a movie theater.

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