Every Coven Member Who Has Been Resurrected In AHS, Like John Henry

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
One deniable fact has become clear during American Horror Story: Apocalypse: these Coven witches love a good resurrection! They love it even more than burning a bad witch alive at the stake — and that says something, because the AHS team loves a dramatic stake burning. In season 8 episode “Traitor” alone, there are two whole over-the-top resurrections in a single hour.
First, we find out how quip MVP Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) was brought back to the Apocalypse world after being burned at the stake. Then John Henry Moore (Cheyenne Jackson), a warlock introduced in AHS season 8, is resurrected from a pile of ashes. While watching all of these little magical miracles take place, it’s easy to be reminded of just how many other Coven witches have also been brought back to life during their original season and even in Apocalypse.
So, we decided to take a walk down American Horror Story lane to see just how many witches have died and still sprung back to life over the years. The answer will astound you. So keep reading for the full explanation of John Henry and Myrtle’s death, along with every other witch who had a brush with death.
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