The Downright Sexiest Movies Of 2018

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We have an experiment to propose. If you watch a sexy movie exchange enough times — say, Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) nibbling at each other in Call Me By Your Name, or Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) watching Ally (Lady Gaga) while she sings in A Star Is Born — will you somehow embed them into your own memory? Replace yourself with one of the characters, and think that all the experiences happened to you?
For now, we can live vicariously through movie characters' steamy, racy, and occasionally fulfilling romances. Unlike our own lives, the movies don't veer off the track. Watch it once, and you know what to expect. You can swoon (and cry) in all the same places.
These are the sexiest movies of 2018 whose steamy moments you may as well learn by heart.
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A Star Is Born

"Hey. I just wanted to take another look at you," I said, when I queued up the trailer for A Star Is Born for approximately the 30th time. In the trailer, the chemistry shared between Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga) is palpable. Even still, you can't predict just how explosive their connection in the movie is. In A Star Is Born, two people meet in the middle of their career trajectories — one upward, one downward. While they're there, it's hot (and romantic, and powerful, and transformative, too).
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Forever My Girl

Not long before A Star Is Born was released, there was another movie about a love story between a country star and a not-famous girl. Eight years ago, Liam Page (Alex Roe) left his high school sweetheart, Josie Reston (Jessica Rothe) at the altar to pursue his dreams. Now, he's returning home as a superstar — and he wants Josie back. He has no idea just how much he left behind.
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Fifty Shades Freed

Say what you will about the quality of the Fifty Shades series: The movies have their moments of steaminess. In Fifty Shades Freed, Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) graduate from bondage to foreplay by way of ice cream. If Ana and Christian's chemistry doesn't do it for you, then we can all agree that the movie's interior design choices — that gigantic refrigerator! Those sleek, steel gray surfaces! — are pretty sexy.
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Black Panther

Logically, we know that Killmonger's (Michael B. Jordan) body is a physical manifestation of his ruthless nature. He carves a scar into his body to mark each kill. However: This look suits him. Black Panther is a movie full of sexy people doing remarkable things. Also, the relationship between T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his former lover, Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o) is less a romance and more a pairing between two principled people who admire and respect each other — which might be even sexier.
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Red Sparrow

As a ballerina, Dominika Egerova (Jennifer Lawrence) had to hit the right positions and turn her body into a swan's. Then, when she's recruited into an elite Soviet spy force, her job description changes from dancer to stone-cold seductress. Sparrows, as the spies are called, are to use their bodies in any way necessary: To fight, to kill, and to seduce. But the sex shown in Red Sparrow is often born of pure manipulation, not desire. According Jason Matthews, former CIA agent and author of Red Sparrow, such tactics were common of Russian spies during the Cold War.
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Each scene in Disobedience is simmering with unfulfilled sexual desire. The looks shared between Ronit (Rachel Weisz) and Esti (Rachel McAdams), childhood friends whose passion for each other is forbidden by their Orthodox Jewish community, are practically flammable.
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Book Club

The same year that the Fifty Shades movie trilogy concluded, a movie about the cultural impact of Fifty Shades came out — and that movie was Book Club. In the movie, four lifelong friends choose to read Fifty Shades of Grey for monthly book club. The book spurs a journey of discovery for each of the friends. Frankly, the first date conversation between Diane (Diane Keaton) and Mitchell (Andy Garcia) may be sexier than anything found in Fifty Shades. Book Club is responsible for the Garcia-ssance and we should all be grateful.
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Ocean's 8

There aren't any romances in Ocean's 8. That doesn't mean it's not a sexy movie. Have you seen Lou Miller's (Cate Blanchett) strut? Her suits? Her attitude? Have you seen Debbie Ocean's (Sandra Bullock) face when she solves a problem? Have you seen Eight Ball (Rihanna) when she arrives to the Met Gala in a red dress? All of these are approved definitions for the word "sexy."
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Hot Summer Nights

Timothée Chalamet stans: Activate! Hot Summer Nights is just what the title promises — hot. Daniel (Chalamet) is shipped to spend the summer with his aunt in Cape Cod. While there, he starts dealing drugs with local Hunter Strawberry (Alex Roe), and dating Hunter's sister, McKayla (Maika Monroe).
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A Simple Favor

Who knew? The suit-wearing, martini-drinking disaffected mother Emily in A Simple Favor is the role that Blake Lively was born to play. Emily is married to Sean Townsend, who's played by Henry Young, this year's breakout leading man. Their chemistry is incredible — but it's based on lies.
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The best part of the sexiness of Colette? It's all based on a true story. Colette, one of France's most acclaimed novelists, lived a free-wheeling life in an era when most women were confined by gender roles. In early 20th century France, Colette (played by Keira Knightley) moved to Paris with her husband, Willy (Dominic West). Colette's writing career blossoms in tandem with her sexual experimentation. She and her husband carry out simultaneous affairs with the same woman, and later go on a couple's vacation with their respective partners.

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