A Birthday Astrology Reading For Kim Kardashian

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For those of us who don't already have it marked on their calendars, Kim Kardashian West turns 38 this Sunday, October 21. Considering the fact that she might be one of the most public figures living today, there's still much we don't know about KKW.
Some might argue that we already know the most important thing about the reality star — she can supposedly smell cavities — but dental intuition aside, Kardashian's innermost self is largely a mystery. So, in honor of her 38th completed trip around the sun, we're taking a closer look at Kardashian's birth chart. With any luck, it'll shine a light on the multi-hyphenate's persona.
As we mentioned, Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980, making her a Libra (and a pretty textbook one, at that). Kardashian is charming, diplomatic, and, yes, a little dramatic. But, that's only her sun sign — meaning that Libra only indicates her basic personality. However, her birth chart, the astrological diagram that indicates where all the planets were located when she was born, reveals that her moon sign is Pisces, a much more withdrawn and introspective sign than Libra, to say the least.
If you aren't familiar with planetary placements, your moon sign is just as integral to your personality as your sun sign. It simply reflects a different part of them. Namely, your moon sign represents your private, emotional self. And, with an already pretty private, emotional sign like Pisces hosting the moon in Kardashian's chart, we can infer that she behaves a little differently when she's alone with her closest loved ones.
Despite her breezy sun sign, Kardashian's water moon likely fuels an intense desire to express her feelings and to feel those feelings to the fullest extent. It isn't just that her emotions run deeper than one might expect — she also may possess a greater sense of empathy than her acquaintances (or the public eye) may give her credit for.
So, no, Libra and Pisces aren't all that similar, but they aren't completely at odds with each other, either. They actually form an aspect known as a quincunx, which indicates a potential for agreement and harmony, but not without the risk of imbalance. Astrologer Annie Heese writes that, when a quincunx occurs between someone's sun and moon, they may struggle to meet both their internal and external desires. Instead, they spend their time trying to focus on one or the other, leaving them feeling dissatisfied overall.
Cutting through that imbalance between Kardashian's head and heart is her Mercury sign, which is in Scorpio. With the planet of communication in a sign that's as calculating as it is emotionally aware, Kardashian knows how to express herself to get what she wants (no wonder she's a savvy businesswoman).
So, with just a cursory glance at Kardashian's birth chart, it's pretty darn clear that she is more than a crying face emoji or an incredible butt workout — but, as some of her most loyal followers, we already knew that.

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