The Hidden Meaning Behind These Royal Baby Names

Another royal baby is on the way! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Kensington Palace announced, are having a child in spring of 2019, which means the world is getting one more tiny princeling. The couple have yet to announce the sex of the baby or what they plan to name the baby — and why would they? — but that doesn't mean rampant speculation isn't happening 'round the country. Already, one royal reporter suggested on Twitter that the couple is going to opt for Diana in honor of Harry's late mother. If they were going with the "most popular" option, though, they could choose the names "Fox" or "Henley," two of the UK's predicted most popular baby names in 2018.
That's the fun thing about Royals: their baby names are somewhat predictable, rooted in centuries old traditions. Every name is imbued with meaning and history. Meghan likely can't name her child after her favorite author — these names have to emerge from the Royal tradition, and they need to have some klout. In honor of the upcoming royal bebe, here are the meanings behind the current royal kiddos' monikers.

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