This Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande Theory Will Have You Questioning News Headlines

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It feels fitting that the moment I finally decided I was on board with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship, they reportedly go ahead and break up. This couple has plagued me since May, when I first posited that there was more to their timeline than initially met the eye. It made no sense that two people would meet, start dating, and get engaged in the same month. My theory turned out to be, uh, wrong, but that hasn't stopped me from experiencing a similar sense of denial when now faced with their split. Really? You're gonna spend all that time, money, and ink, and then call it quits after five months? You're gonna make me listen to the song "Pete Davidson" enough times that I actually start to like it, and then tell me it wasn't even worth it? How can a couple who was apparently spotted kissing and canoodling on Saturday, according to TMZ, announce their break up the very next day? It doesn't check out, but there's a possible explanation, and it's hidden in Grande's Instagram.
The last time Grande posted a photo in which she is wearing her engagement ring was October 2.
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In subsequent photos that show her left hand, the ring is nowhere to be found. However, a similar ring can be seen on the ring finger of her right hand.
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It's possible that around the time of Mac Miller's death, which TMZ cites as a breaking point for their relationship, the couple decided to slow things down and put their engagement on hold. Which is why I don't think Davidson and Grande have broken up.
Here's the thing: If TMZ is correct and Davidson and Grande were all over each other on Saturday night, then a Sunday afternoon breakup is a quick turnaround, even for them. Not only would they have had to decide to call off the rest of their lives together, but it would have had to travel through the grapevine to the press. The end of an engagement doesn't have to mean the end of a relationship, especially if said engagement ring is still being worn (just not on the finger you'd expect).
The biggest issue with this theory is the fact that neither Davidson nor Grande have said anything about the reports. You'd think they'd want to confirm the news and put speculation to bed, or would quickly rush to refute the reports if they were indeed still together. But would they? Davidson has repeatedly complained about all the attention he's gotten since becoming Grande's beau, and Grande has done her fair amount of clapping back at speculation on social media. What if they've finally decided to take their relationship out of the spotlight? Why would they make a statement contradicting the break up if it means they might finally get some peace?
This option would be the best of both worlds: I can still believe in love, and Grande and Davidson can believe in me to finally leave them alone. But not until I get some answers.

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