Ariana Grande's Dick Pic Meme Totally Backfired

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
Ariana Grande is an A+ comedian but sometimes society will not let her LIVE. On Monday night, she posted a photo of herself with the words "I showed you my dick please respond." Essentially, it was a selfie of her face with the caption "I showed you my dick please respond" á la this photo that made the rounds a few years ago. It was a perfect riff on a 2014 meme that started on Tumblr after a boy sent a dick picture to a girl and she never sent anything back. Unfortunately, not everyone saw the humor in her post, calling it inappropriate and causing her to take to Twitter in frustration.
"I LOGGED ON N PPL WERE BEING SO UPTIGHT AB MY DICK POST SO I WAS LIKE EW AND THEN DELETED IT BC IDC MISS U," she responded to a fan who asked what tweet she had just deleted, which was more explicitly expressing frustration with the internet.
"omg that pic is the funniest shit ever" another fan replied, with which Grande agreed. "i know ALSO i didn’t make it ? i found it and posted it bc it was funny relax immediately"
This is the photo, by the way:
Literally perfect, but this isn't the first time Grande has been fast and loose with the dick talk on social media. She notably caused a similar storm when she tweeted fiancé Pete Davidson's apparent penis size, but ultimately deleted it.
"How long is pete?" a fan asked back in June about the length of the track "Pete Davidson."
"Like ten inches?" Grande responded, before adding "Oh fuck...I a lil over a minute."
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she deleted her reply ?

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Grande has the Biggest Dick Energy of them all.

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