Good Luck Listening To Anything But The A Star Is Born Soundtrack

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Just in case you had any doubt that Bradley Cooper's directorial debut A Star Is Born would be the biggest movie of the year (sorry, Venom, you tried so hard), the film's soundtrack has dropped to make sure you never get Lady Gaga's voice out of your head.
Technically, it's not Gaga and co-star/director Cooper singing on this soundtrack: It's Ally and Jackson, the leading characters in this tale of rising and falling fame. If you listened to the soundtrack's lead single, "Shallow" (as I did no less than 20 times) you'll know that this is one soundtrack you need to download ASAP.
You can find the tracklist for the soundtrack here, and fans are already losing their minds over the prospect of listening to Gaga's alter-ego on a possibly endless loop.
This obsession should surprise exactly no one. When "Shallow" was revealed in the movie's trailer, fans immediately memed Gaga's magical musical moment, including that amazing "AHhhhhaHhhhadsgjaldsjgakdsgjals" that takes us right into "I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive innnn."
Cooper is a big fan of the song as well. In an interview with MTV, he said:
"It's a wonderful song that Lady Gaga wrote with Mark Ronson and two other writers. I really loved that song and when she played it for me it was just about finding out the best way to utilize it in the movie, and maybe making it a duet instead, and [having it] be the first time [Jackson has] heard [Ally] sing a song she's written on the spot. It's a real anchor for the whole movie."
There are other songs on the soundtrack that are also making a splash. Gaga's closing number, "I'll Never Love Again," is making some fans weep:
My personal fave, outside of these two huge numbers, is actually Cooper's "Maybe It's Time," which can be heard in one of the film's earlier trailers. The reason? It sounds like a song that's always been in our cultural zeitgeist — which is just more proof that Cooper has made a film that feels as authentic to the musician's experience as possible.
A Star Is Born hits theaters Friday, October 5.

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