All Your This Is Us Zoe Questions, Answered

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Last season, This Is Us telegraphed the importance of newcomer Zoe (Melanie Liburd) with one of the season 2 finale’s big flash-forwards. In the “Wedding” sneak peek, we find out Zoe, beloved family member of Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson), and Big Three member Kevin Kevin (Justin Hartley) are destined to become a real, serious couple. As we see in the mini time jump, the pair will end up cuddled up on a flight to Vietnam. Only very in love people travel together to the site of one of their dead father’s greatest traumas.
Well, season 3 has officially began planting the seeds of Zoe and Kevin’s legitimate coupledom (as opposed to their original state of noncommittally hooking up). In “A Philadelphia Story,” the couple-to-be mulls over the idea of defining the relationship. Zoe rebuffs Kevin’s literal and metaphorical invites to get serious… until she seems the riding solo at his movie premiere. Soon enough, Zoe is accepting Kevin's offer to pick her up from the airport — the most momentous of relationship milestones. In subsequent episode “Katie Girls,” Kevin will begin looking into his late father’s history during the Vietnam War, effectively setting the stage for his trip to Asia with Zoe.
Now that Zoe is officially a part of Kevin’s life — that airport ride acceptance sealed the deal — and therefore a major player in This Is Us, it’s time we figure out exactly who she is. So keep reading for a full explanation on Zoe’s past, present, and feature, including a full explanation of what is going on with her oft-talked about, little-explained documentary.
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