Which Member Of The Keating 5 Will Die On How To Get Away With Murder This Season?

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The fact that the season 4 finale of How To Get Away With Murder was titled "Nobody Else Is Dying" is hilarious — as if this series could ever officially end its body count. Though we didn't see anyone die during season 5 premiere "Your Funeral," it's clear that someone is very, very hurt — and possibly bleeding to death.
In true How To Get Away With Murder fashion, this episode opens with yet another violent crime. Well, not right away: First, we open on the very lovely wedding reception for Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), who have hired exactly the right person to make their cake toppers — the toppers look just like them! Unfortunately, it's not just cake that someone is serving up, but likely another dish, best served cold: murder.
The scene then shifts to the point of view of someone bleeding out in the snow outside of the wedding reception. From the way the blood is dripping, and the fact that this person (seemingly a woman) can't make out words, it's quite possible that her throat has been cut.
Frank (Charlie Weber) might know something about this suffering person in the snow, because when he goes to tell Annalise (Viola Davis) some news inside the party, she slaps him. You can imagine what she's thinking: Didn't we just say nobody else is dying??? Another associate of Annalise's is definitely involved, as Bonnie (Liza Weil), in the final few moments of the episode, goes to this person. Is she strangling her to death, a la Rebecca (Katie Findlay), Bonnie's murder victim whom we are really too quick not to think about? Or is she here to help?
The bigger question we should be asking is whether the woman in the snow is actually Laurel (Karla Souza). In the final moments of the episode, a baby who appears to be Laurel's son is seen crying in the snow next to our mysterious victim. The vocalizations that we do hear, while not words, could certainly come from Souza. Laurel is an obvious option here, but why would someone would hurt her? More importantly, why Bonnie and Frank would be fine covering it up?
There's also the possibility that the show just wants us to think that season 5's brand-new victim is Laurel. It could be someone else entirely. My personal theory is that it is Laurel's mother, Sandrine (Lolita Davidovich), who perhaps wanted to kidnap baby Christopher to punish the daughter that may or may not have tried to kill her back in season 4. Frank loves Laurel and her baby, and in the season 5 opener even told her that he would do anything to protect them both. Frank treats murder a little more casually than the rest of us do, so, you know, that's not a promise to take lightly.
We'll have to wait until How To Get Away With Murder slowly unpacks this mystery throughout the rest of the season; how this "flash forward" fits in to the greater story at hand remains to be seen. Hopefully, though, whoever is dying outside their reception won't ruin Connor and Oliver's very expensive wedding plans.
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