Blake Lively Calls Out Sexist Critics Of Her Tour De Suits

Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images.
If the popularity of the Comments By Celebs Instagram account is any indication, celebrities can and do see all your wonderful comments. Oh, and they also see your hateful ones too.
During a U.K. press tour for her new movie A Simple Favor, Blake Lively wore a drop dead gorgeous pale pink pantsuit by Ralph Lauren that will fill my dreams for the next year. For one fashion blogger, however, Blake's suit trend had gone on too long.
"It's suit number 1,356 for Blake Lively's promotion of 'A Simple Favor'. This time custom pink Ralph Lauren Collection," the blogger wrote in an Instagram caption, according to E! News. Blake was not here for it, commenting on the sexist criticism.
"Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour? So why can't a woman? Just sayinnnn. No double standards ladies," she commented. (Instagram, ever so helpful, floats the most important comments to the top, so hers was very visible.)
The fashion blogger immediately retracted her statement, explaining that it was all in jest. "You know I love you, and I personally have really enjoyed this tour. If you look at my website, I have said that I have admired your total commitment to rocking suits during this promo tour. That number just an attempt at humor. I'm sorry it didn't translate. Looking forward to the Paris premiere," she wrote.
Ever a diplomat, Lively explained just why the statement irked her so much, and that it really wasn't about fashion or pantsuits at all: "I don't expect everyone to like it. Fashion that creates a difference of opinions is the fun part. I totally understand the missed humor. I do the same thing sometimes. Just looking' to encourage women to do what men do without being teased for it. Yes, even in a space as material as fashion. It all starts somewhere...and everyone's voice counts."
Lively is one of many leading ladies who have pushed back against sexist questions during press tours that demand diet and skincare routine answers of women and more contemplative and complex character development queries of their male peers. And that's not even scratching the surface of the family-work balance questions actresses like Kiera Knightly have pushed back against. Sometimes, change starts with an Instagram comment.

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