Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick's A Simple Favor Is Our Next Killing Eve-Level Obsession

Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
I've been having a hard time pinning down exactly what the movie A Simple Favor is about, but Anna Kendrick's most recent interview with PrideSource has drawn some parallels that are pretty promising for the Paul Feig film. Kendrick and her co-star Blake Lively play two mothers whose children attend the same school. Eventually, the women end up developing a mysterious bond that sounds a lot like the female obsession depicted in BBC America's Killing Eve.
In Killing Eve, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle's (Jodie Comer) unnamed relationship is expressed through internet-stalking, snooping, and the tension between the women during the rare moments they're in the same room. However, it's never overtly romantic or openly sexual. It toes the line. A Simple Favor could be playing with a similar dynamic, seeing as the protagonists reportedly share a kiss in the film.
"All I’m ever thinking about in (kissing) scenes is, who has gum?" Kendrick told the outlet. "Who has a mint? And I think Blake is probably the same because I’ve never experienced a guy, like, searching for a mint and searching for gum."
Lively's character also appears to share some of the mystifying and bold characteristics that made Killing Eve's Villanelle so charming. Lively's Emily apparently owns a painting of herself in the nude, with her vagina in full view.
"Sometimes it was green screen, and sometimes it was this other painting that was very nice but very Tumblr art," she said. "It was actually Blake’s idea to have it be a little bit more, um, obscene. Certainly it’s art, but a little more shocking for Stephanie to see. Not so polished, not so pretty, not so coy. I thought that was really brilliant."
A Simple Favor hits theaters on September 14.

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