Anna Kendrick Had To Explain What A “Hall Pass” Is To Trevor Noah

Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images.
Modern relationships can be hard. And, thanks to Anna Kendrick, Trevor Noah knows that a little bit better now.
After her appearance on The Daily Show, Kendrick returned to the stage in a hoodie to hang out during the Between the Scenes segment. (She was the first guest to do so “after we’re done with you,” according to Noah.)
There, a woman in the audience told Kendrick that she is on her boyfriend’s “list.”
Many people know of the concept of “the“list,” which is generally a hall pass arrangement between a couple that if they ever come across certain people, who are usually celebrities, and they hit it off, they are allowed to sleep with them. But Noah, apparently, did not.
“What do you mean, ‘On your list?’” he asked. “Like, how?”
An awkward silence followed. Kendrick then had to explain what “the list” is to Noah.
“It’s someone you can sleep with. You get a hall pass for, like, five people,” she said.
Noah balked at the idea, but Kendrick defended the woman.
“She’s trying to wingman her own boyfriend and I respect it,” she said.
Whether Noah was truly stumped on the concept of a “hall pass” or he was just feigning ignorance to create an engaging bit remains to be seen. But it is still worth wondering how, exactly, Noah wouldn’t know what the euphemistic hall pass is. Has he never seen the classic 1996 episode of Friends, in which the titular friends devise lists of five famous people they can sleep with? Has he never seen the slightly less classic 2011 Owen Wilson vehicle Hall Pass? Has he never even heard the term in passing?
Either way, Noah proved to be a quick study when he pointed out the main flaw of having a list, which is that it’s generally good, wholesome fun until someone actually meets a person who has previously only existed on their list.
“I feel like the list is a lot more fun if the person’s not real,” he said. “Right now it’s like the list is real. Isn’t it supposed to be someone you’d never meet?”
It is still unknown if Kendrick and the unnamed boyfriend actually ended up going home together (though, based on how this interaction went, our guess is probably not). All the same, it’s safe to say that everyone learned a little something from this particular Between the Scenes – Trevor Noah most of all.

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