All The Movies American Horror Story Will Borrow From For Apocalypse

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
The apocalypse is here. Well, almost. On Wednesday, September 12, Ryan Murphy's extra-creepy anthology series American Horror Story will debut its eighth season. Titled Apocalypse, the upcoming season will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven, two of the show's most beloved editions to date. As the show's moniker suggests, the new season will tell the story of the end of the world... or, rather, what becomes of the world, and the people within it, following a catastrophic event.
Though this season of American Horror Story will be extra self-referential (it's the long-awaited crossover, after all) the show won't just refer to previous seasons of the series. American Horror Story is notorious for making nods to the horrific stuff that came before it. That includes, of course, iconic films — the ones that would become the building blocks for nearly all spooky stories.
The new season will be full of references, but even the trailer teases some of what's to come. Read ahead to check out the film references to look out for in the new season.
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